Day 17

A Song You Hear Often on the Radio:

Catte:  Shake Me - Cinderella

I listen to HairNation on Sirius almost every day, and almost every day I hear this song, sometimes a twice or three times.  Good thing I like Cinderella.

Wils: Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen

I love this song, but it's not what people think it's about. But if it means hearing Springsteen on the radio more, that is ok by me.

Queenie: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Every morning at 5:45 my this song comes across my radio waves.  I think the station I listen to has a standard playlist for that hour of the morning or something... I can't seem to escape it and to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of it.

Hath: Forget You -- Cee Lo Green

My son listens to a local radio station when we're in the car. Otherwise, I've got the iPod going. I gave up on commercial radio years ago. This song actually has an "original" version, in which the chorus is "fuck you" not "forget you". Needless to say, this radio station plays the "clean" version lol It's on ALL THE TIME. Not only that, if you're stupid unfortunate enough to take your kid to kid karaoke night, you will hear this a minimum of 37 times.

Day 16

A Song You Used to Love But Now Hate:

Catte: Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi

Sorry Boys, but it's just NOT Alright anymore.  I really did like this song once upon a time.  Honest, I did.  But you've killed it for me.  Permanent "skip" in the iPod rotation and time for me to reload camera batteries/check Tweets during concerts.  *sigh*

Queenie: Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi

Dammit Catte you took mine, but I'm using it anyway. Way overplayed on the radio and in concert. Catte's right, it's not Alright anymore...

And what is with this video with the guy dressed like a dog?  I don't get it...

Wils: Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland

I've just heard too many "divas" think they can out-sing Judy Garland on this one and that has just ruined this song for me.

Hath: Who Says -- Bon Jovi
Who Says is a good one Catte & Q -- I think I have to go with that, though I don't hate it, I'm just REALLY tired of it. I can't think of a song that I used to like but don't anymore. My musical tastes haven't really changed that much -- if I like something I like it. Maybe I'll think on it some more, but I dont' think I'll come up with anything :)

Kiwi - I'm tellin you - Jennifer Hudson
I loved this when I first saw it, and thought the emotion just poured out of this song in general, but now it grates on my every nerve. LOL Too many people have tried to do it and sound awful, and all I hear is screaming now and drives me CRAZY

Day 15

A Song That Describes You:

Hath: I'm a Bitch -- Meredith Brooks

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed
I'm your health, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way...

I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees
when you hurt, when you suffer, I'm your angel undercover
I've been numbed, I'm revived
can't say I'm not alive
You know I wouldn't want it any other way

Catte:  Bitch - Meredith Brooks

Ditto, Hath! :)  I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one.....

Wils: I Wanna Talk About Me - Toby Keith

Ok, first of all I have to say that this was my SECOND choice, but when I logged into Blogger to post "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks and saw that both Hath and Cate had chosen it, I laughed, chatted with Cate about it (who said "Well if the BITCH fits... LMAO!" - SO TRUE) I decided I also like Toby and I'm just narcissistic enough to admit that it really is ME!!

Queenie: She's Not Just a Pretty Face - Shania Twain

So, after a lot of thought this is the song I chose. I was going to use I'm a Bitch, but Catte and Hath beat me to it (and it only fits me one week out of the month... LOL).

As women and mothers, we wear a lot of hats so I figure this song fits not just me, but all of us.

Tara: Little Victories - Matt Nathanson

I think this is the post I hemmed and hawwed about the most. Most of the songs I love are about relationships. It took awhile, but I think this really suits me.

Kiwi: Lost Highway - Bon Jovi 
This was hard but I decided I'd use the song that describes me now, I could easily use a mushy mush song about wanting a soulmate and someone to lurve ...but I decided to use this song which fits my life and me right now. I've been to hell and back in the last six months twice but now I'm finally in a position that I feel like I'm finding my way again, what's important, where I want to go in my life, and I just want to get out there and well drive.... ;) 
FYI Tara my FAV Matt N song.

Day 14

A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love:

Hath: Flashback - Ministry

Somehow, this surprises people. I apparently don't seem like a "shit down his neck" kinda girl. This is TOTALLY a driving song. I listened to this driving home from NYC after the Central Park Jovi show -- I was up most of the night with mah girls (and a busted out knee) then had to get up early drive 4.5 hours home so I could make a Bingo obligation at 10. This song made the miles FLY by. I'll admit it, The Land of Rape and Honey is up there in my list of records I'd take with me to Mars. (no power on a desert island; I assume the folks on Mars can power my mp3 player).

Catte:  Wannabe - The Spice Girls

Yeah, yeah, this one could go under the "Guilty Pleasure" heading too.  Hey, I'm not ashamed to admit I LIKE the Spice Girls!  They Kick Ass!  And at least one of them did okay for herself post-shameless-PopStar-era, LOL

Wils: Bad Romance - Lady GaGa

It's all my daughter's fault, but there is something about Lady G that I really like. Maybe it's that she's the Madonna of 2011.

Tara:Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
I do love Katy. I can't help it. At all.

Queenie: Dragula - Rob Zombie

Yep, really.  I like Rob Zombie... this song in particular.  The first time I heard it, I was hooked.

Catte, the Spice Girls, really? Should I mention that one year for Halloween I was Scary Spice?

Kiwi: Katy Perry - California Girls 
Tara STOLE mine, lol so I'll choose another from Katy---something about her, these songs are so damn catchy and fun and SO not my usual type of music!

Day 13

A Song That's Your Guilty Pleasure:

Hath: Asereje - Las Ketchup

There are so many guilty pleasures... Livin' la Vida Loca... Anything by Wham! (lol) but this one is just so utterly ridiculous, I almost hate to post it. But as long as I am, I may as well tell you I know the little dance too.

*groan* *headdesk*

Catte:  After the Rain - Nelson

*hangs head in shame*  Yeah, yeah, I know.... The video is completely ridiculous but I looooooooooove this song. I sing along at the top of my lungs every time it comes on HairNation or my iPod.  (At least Tara's not laughing at me.)

Wils: And We Danced - The Hooters

Many good choices here - love Hath's choice! But The Hooters is just one of those bands that make me wanna shake my (considerable) ass!

Tara: Lose Yourself - Eminem
Cate stole my guilty pleasure. I'll admit...Nelson is one of mine too. LOL (Not like I could deny it, she already threw me under the bus.) So, I'll have to go with Eminem. Talk about a change of pace! I don't love what he stands for, the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth, or his less than stellar relations with women...but I love this song.

Queenie: Ready to Take a Chance Again - Barry Manilow

Hello, my name is Queenie and I'm a Fanilow...
Yep, I love the man and I blame my mother. I love Elvis too and that is also her fault. What can I say, she introduced me to some good stuff and it stuck with me. She does not, however, get my love affair with Bon Jovi. But I forgive her. She is my mother after all.

Day 12

A Song From a Band You Hate:

Hath: Touch of Grey - The Grateful Dead

Yep, hate The Dead. Sorry. Can't really explain why. The music is just "eh" and the lyrical content was clearly influenced by illegal substances (lol). I just never got it.

Catte:  Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

I loathe Pink Floyd.  Yes, even Another Brick in the Wall.  Pretty much anything by this band makes me want to beat myself (or someone else) over the head with a baseball bat.  Of course my Hub loves Pink Floyd.  Batter up, Honey.....

Queenie: Tom Sawyer - Rush

I know I'm probably going to get slammed for this, but I just can't stand Rush. My husband loves them, but please, don't make me listen, I beg you.

Tara, can I borrow those sharp instruments to stab out my ears, please?

Wils: My Name Is - Eminem

I just don't get it. Or him. 'nuf said.

Tara: Lithium - Nirvana
I don't know if I hate them because they were the beginning of the end of my favorite style of music, or for the awful fashion they brought with them from Seattle. But UGH, UGH, UGH, on Nirvana. Blech.

Day 11

A Song From Your Favorite Band:

Hath: Nightinggale -- Yanni

PSYCH!   lol

C'mon, you've gotta be shitting me. I have to pick just ONE? Well, I went with NSG for Day 1 so I can't pick that. Gotta go with Blood on Blood. Or Little bit of Soul. Or Blame it on the Love of Rock-n-Roll. Or This Ain't a Love Song. Or... Or... Or...

No, I've got it. A specific song from a specific show from my favorite band. "Any Other Day" from the O2 on the LH tour. When our Richie came back to us. Most favorite performance of a song live EVER. EVER. Look who just got back...

Catte: In These Arms - Bon Jovi

Witty commentary..... I got Nothin'.  Except to say that I LOVE this song, and I love the video even more.  Jon's little Elvis lip-curl near the end.  Richie's Rose Jeans and long, lush RockStar hair.  Jonny crawling on the floor to that lucky, LUCKY girl beckoning him in.  And Sweet LORD, those black and white floral pants.  GAH!

Kiwi: You Can Sleep When I Dream Bon Jovi
Well OBVIOUSLY I would have picked Living in Sin, but I've used that so I thought I'd pick my next favourite.... that damn box-set---and it was hard to choose as I have a very close top ten on that thing but this song always makes me smile and it's so damn good. :) I nearly picked Last Chance Train *growl*.

Queenie: Last Man Standing - Bon Jovi

So today we had to pick a song from our favorite band. Do you realize how hard it is to pick just one?! It was a tough choice. Eeny, meeny, miney moe was never more difficult. LOL

I chose Last Man Standing... it's my favorite track from the Have a Nice Day album.

Wils: Runaway;
Like the other girls, it's impossible to pick just one... I mean, really. So I've chosen to go back to where it all began... April 20, 1984, American Bandstand. I was sitting in my parents living room and Dick Clark introduced this "new band that sounded like they're name is from France" and then David started playing that all familiar beginning and Jon turned around in those gold pants and ripped shirt and I was D*O*N*E.

Tara: These Arms Are Open All Night 
(Box Set Vers. Live at The Borgata)
I'll have to agree on the HOLY CRAP ONE? But I'll go with one of the most gut wrenching performances I've seen from him. This one little video at The Borgata and Jon was as wrecked as I was by the end of the song. Just WOW.

Day 10

A Song that Makes You Fall Asleep:

Hath: Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul, and Mary (shut up)

Any lullabye-ish song will do it for me, but for some reason, the tale of little Jackie Paper sends me to snoozy-town. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling and the music is sooo soothing. As is Mommy's voice -- one of the best out there. RIP Mary Travers.

Catte:  Kissed by an Angel - David Bryan

Well, it doesn't exactly MAKE me fall asleep, but it certainly gives me sweet dreams.  I love, love LOVE David's solo album.  It's been my daughter's goodnight music ever since she was a wee Baby Cattelet.  *sigh* Just beautiful and sweet and soothing.

Tara: Bastille Day - John Tesh
I sleep to all sorts of music. There was a time that I COULDN'T sleep unless there was some sort of music around me. Around that time I used to have a lot of sleepovers with a college girlfriend because we were in every class together and we both drove into schoool - That and she wanted my mom for her very own. LOL. Well...she couldn't stand noise when she slept, but THIS album she could deal with. It's STILL a Pavlovian response. I hear this and I want to snuggle in bed. LOL

Queenie: Timeless - Jim Brickman

My other favorite keys player... Jim Brickman.  He is just amazing. I can't say this puts me to sleep, but it relaxes me so I can fall asleep.

Kiwi: Lullaby - Billy Joel
I love this guy---and I adore this song and totally is a bedtime song and a little sad lol.

Wils: Netherworld Waltz - David Bryan

I love listening to David's piano music, especially after I've had a particularly stressful day and I need to turn off my brain. The entire collection is wonderful and relaxing, but Netherworld Waltz is one of my favorites.

PS: Can I just say that I created my list without consulting Catte or looking at anyone else's choices. DAMMIT CATTE! Just cause you post faster it makes me look like a copycatte.... lol.

Day 9

A Song You Can Dance To: 

Catte:  I've Been Working Too Hard
This song was MADE for Twistin'.  It's The Jukes, for cryin' out loud!  Best damned bar-band music EVER.  And it doesn't hurt when Southside's got a Pretty Guest Guitar Player onstage, either.  ROWR. :)

Hath: Pump It -- Black Eyed Peas

Anything from the Peas actually.

Love da Peas. LOVE 'em.

Tara: Runaround Sue
I'm going even more old school.
*blush* We used to go out dancing and to watch Tony Hastings at this little bar. He sang covers of old songs and this one always got us up on the floor.

Queenie: Rock This Town - Stray Cats

How can this one not make you want to dance? I practically danced down the aisles of my grocery store last week when it played over the speakers...

Kiwi: Footlose - Kenny Loggins
Always a favourite. 

Wils: Love Amnesia - Soraia
Especially when I get to dance with Cate! Bumpin hips and twistin away, but watch out, cause if we get too close to the floor, it's kinda hard to get back up again... oy!

Day 8

A Song That You Know All the Words To:

Hath: The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

Well, it's no fair picking ANYTHING from the Jovi Catalog...that's just a given. But this song --- I LOVED this song when I was a kid. Still can't help singing it when it comes up on the 70's on 7 station on my Sirius XM Satellite Radio (lol).

And I adore The Muppet Show, so this is a bonus.  Besides, where else would you see muppets slugging whiskey and smoking?  Only in a post from Hath, that's where!

Catte: Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
DUDE!  I LOVE this song!  Bat Out of Hell is perhaps the perfect Rock Album, IMO.  And this song is the most fun of the lot.  My buddy Danny and I even won a Karaoke Contest dueting to this a dozen or so years back.  I can sing every part and every harmony, but of course I WAIL on the Girl Part --  STOP RIGHT THERE!!!! I GOTTA KNOW RIGHT NOW....  I can even do the baseball play-by-play. :)

Kiwi- Two out of three ain't bad - Meatloaf
Yup another Meat song---one of my ALL time favourite songs ever and a popular drunken sing a long many a time to this one! 


Tara: The Tide Is High
This is one of those songs that I didn't even KNOW I knew the words to. Until I was singing it top volume in my car WITH the window rolled down in a traffic jam and a guy was right next to me---of course I was oblivious and he yells, "Sing it baby!" Mortification and the lyrics burned into memory--that's Blondie for ya.

Queenie: Rockstar - Nickelback

Yep, I'm an in-the-car-sing-along-with-the-radio kind of girl and I admit, I love this song and know each and every word...

Wils: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
"Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?" I love this song and Freddy Mercury was just a musical genius! This is absolutely a turn it up in the car, sing it at the top of your lungs (in a bar with your best girlfriends) kinda song!!

Day 7

A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event:

Wils: Hallelujah - Bon Jovi by way of Jeff Buckley & Leonard Cohen
A song on my top 5 all time favorite list, long before it graced the lips of the amazing Jon Bon Jovi. I first heard his version when Bon Jovi filmed Unplugged for MTV a few years back. Then they took it on tour. I went to a show... no Hallelujah. Another show... still nothing. It took 5 shows before I got to hear it live, in my hometown of Philly. I cried through the entire thing and when it was over my friend picked me up off the floor... literally.

Catte:  Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi
It's all Jon's fault I'm no longer a Virgin, thanks to this song.  My virtue didn't even last a week after Slippery When Wet released in August 1986.  Of course I also had my very own Puppy-Dog-Eyed Italian Jersey Boy, my first college boyfriend.  He wasn't a Rock Star but he was a Quarterback and I was defenseless against his swagger.  Especially on that perfect night down by the lake with this song in the tape deck.  Damned Jersey Boys are my Kryptonite.  (And Yeah, he was TOTALLY worth it!)

Hath: This Is The Time -- Billy Joel

Always and forever will remind me of Senior Prom. It was our class' pick for THE song (NSG was our Junior Prom theme lol) of the night. It was the night of my first REAL kiss (shut up) and the start of a summer I'll never forget.

Kiwi: Hallelujah - Bon Jovi Sydney 19th Dec 2010
I'll never ever ever forget this night---it was the last night of the most incredible week of concerts with our favourite band Downunder. It had been threatening to rain all day and hadn't---until here. And boy, anyone that knows Sydney and their freak rain storms--it BUCKETED down like I've never seen in my life... holy hell! The spooky thing is if you watch closely it's not till he raises his hands into the air and bam...the heavens open. Was magical, awesome... and fabulous all at once. We won't talk about the cold I had for weeks after this night though!

Tara: Always Giants 2006
I'm trying not to use Jovi for every little thing in my 'moments' file, but this was a damn big moment. I was in the pit, sweating my face off, awed by the performance and just juiced on the show. Then THIS happened. I'm a sucker for any of those moments where Jon loses himself in a song and starts talking. When it happens AT the show I'm at, I just can't even drag it all in. THIS song, THIS version just slayed me. This entire NIGHT slayed me. The vitality, the overwhelming crowd, the music just couldn't have been more perfect.

Being 2-3rd ish row in the pit probably didn't hurt either. ;)

Queenie: Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis

This was our Senior Ball Song (NSG got shot down by the class advisors - go figure). I still think of that night whenever I hear this song.

Day 6

A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere:

Wils: Beer In Mexico - Kenny Chesney
My (now ex) husband and I went on a cruise to Mexico a few years back and it was the same week that this song hit the radio. I don't drink beer, but this song always reminds me of the great time we had that week. My life has taken a radical turn in the past 2 years and I've had to do a lot of thinking... "Bout life and love and lack of, And this emptiness in my heart" Not all memories have to be bad.

Catte:  Social Disease - Bon Jovi
This song reminds me of my first apartment, a Summer-of-1987 sublet in my college town the summer between my freshman and sophomore year.  It was in a building on a big hill, right between two fraternity houses.  My roommate and I used to sit out on my deck, sunning and drinking Corona longnecks and BLASTING this song as all the frat boys whistled and waved at us. :)  Pure Summer.

Hath: Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Bobby McFerin

Apparently the theme song of Grenada.

No kidding. It was EVERYWHERE.

So was steet meat. Stay away frmo Street Meat. Seriously.

Kiwi: Loyal - Dave Dobbyn.
This song is a KIWI classic, anyone that lives in this country knows this song. This reminds me as soon as Friday standing in Hagley Park with 100,000 Cantabrians as he sang this in the memorial service we had for the devastating earthquake that's claimed nearly 200 lives and destroyed the heart of our city. This song reminds me of why I love this country and why I love this city and I will forever remain loyal to it, and that we will get through this massive task of putting back together our city :)

Tara: Galileo
This song and the band itself reminds me of a different time in my life. When I went to college and found a new nucleus of friends.Whenever I hear the Indigo Girls I remember free shows at The Egg in Albany, I remember driving with the windows down when I was in college and out on my break in between studio classes. We'd work in the morning and if we didn't have a class during our break we'd totally disappear and 'forget' to go back for the 2nd half of our classes.

Queenie: Blood on Blood - Bon Jovi

I know, I know, I used this as my favorite song, but it also reminds me of Silver Stadium (what used to be our AAA baseball stadium here where I live) and the second time I saw the boys in concert on the New Jersey Brotherhood tour. It was also the first time I saw them with my sister and I still think of it every time I hear this song.

Day 5

A Song that Reminds You of Someone:

Wils: Baby Girl - Sugarland
A second appearance by the wonderful duo Sugarland, for my wonderful daughter who is the light of my life. She will accomplish anything she puts her mind to, and I will be right there behind her, rooting her on.

Catte:  It's the End of the World as we Know It - R.E.M
I don't really even like this song but it brings a grin to my face every time because it reminds me of one of my best college friends, Corina.  We used to hit the Happy Hour circuit on Thursday nights after class together, and inevitably she would end up dancing around and singing this song at the top of her lungs.  I still count her among my dearest friends on the planet.  She's a Foreign Service Officer in Jakarta, Indonesia right now, riding out the earthquakes and tsunamis and all kinds of other "character-building" trials, as she would call them.  And I'm sure she's singing this song as she faces each challenge head-on.

Hath:  Papa Don't Preach - Madonna

This one is for Fish, Feather, and Andy and all the bus rides with Colleen to and from competitions in high school. This is for us taking pictures in mirror in the hotel room and fighting over who got to sleep with whom. It's for remembering in SHOCK when we found out JoJo listened to speed metal and meeting those Navy guys in the lobby.

It's okay if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I know.

And so do they.

But Feather -- don't tell my Mom you know I'm Hath lol

Kiwi: Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne
 This song will always remind me of my very first crush on an older boy of JJ, I met him on a youth camp when I was about 12 and we had such a blast up at Living Springs, when I came home I was so depressed for days (as you do when you're 12 and think the world just ended). So I listened to this for DAYS thinking that indeed one day Love would lead me back to JJ. *snort* Oh to be so innocent again ;)

Tara: Crazy For You

*sigh* The one and only time a boy dedicated a song to me on the Love Line it was THIS song. 7th or 8th Grade, I can't remember which. I still smile everytime I hear it and think of a blonde boy with spikey hair and pretty eyes - Jason Kimmell. Even back then I had a predisposition for the blondes. ;)

Queenie: Thank You for Being a Friend (Golden Girls Theme)

This song always reminds me of my best gal pal and hair dresser extraordinaire. We've been friends since high school and when we outlive our husbands, we're going to live together in Florida and drink cocktails on the lanai...

Day 4

A Song that Makes You Sad:

Tara:  Into Dust - Mazzy Star
*sigh* I loved this song for ages then it was reintroduced to me thanks to a now defunct TV show that I loved. And wow...just such a sad song. This girl's got a hella haunting voice. I can't say I like all her stuff, but this one punches me right in the gut.

Kiwi: Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Such a beautiful song with a sad story behind it as well. It makes me sad because the day after my Nana died my ass of a music teacher made us play this song, even though he knew my Nana had just died. Of course this song will forever remind me of that event. It was my first significant death in my life so I'll always remember it and it wasn't expected.

Wils:  Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
I know what you're thinking, it's such a gorgeous song and I agree. This has always been one of my favorites & continues to be. But it was also my song with my ex and since that didn't work out, the song I love has become one that makes me very sad.

Catte:  American Soldier - Toby Keith
This song hits me right in the heart.  For all my brothers and sisters in arms and their families who sacrifice so much for so many.  Love you, Danny.  GodSpeed, George.  Come home safe.

Hath: The Christmas Shoes -- by NewSong

This could have gone in the HATED IT category as well -- makes me cry every year when the sadists play it on the radio.  Nothing says Christmas like a parent dying and a small child trying to help her be pretty when she meets Jesus.  Dammit.

Queenie: Miss You Most at Christmastime - Mariah Carey

I had Hath's choice in my head as it makes me cry too (the first time I heard it on the radio I had to pull the car over), but this one just gets me. The first time I heard it was the Christmas after I lost both my grandparents. I don't necessarily cry now when I hear it, but it does make me a bit melancholy...

Day 3

A Song that Makes you Happy:

Tara: Come On Get Higher (Deep Rock Vers)
Matt makes me happy as a general rule, but his ADD just trips overtime on this one. Makes me laugh EVERY time.

Kiwi: Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

This song always makes me smile--it's a happy summery feel good song. *sigh*

Wils: Stand Up
I love music (duh) and I especially love music by strong women. I've been following the career of Jennifer Nettles/Sugarland since I first heard her sing with one Mr. Jon Bon and the boys on "Who Says...". I've seen them (Sugarland)in concert 4 or 5 times and can't get enough. This song, and the way it is performed live, is just breathtaking and makes me happy every single time I hear it.

Catte:  It's Been a Long Time

*sigh*  Simply Perfect.  The Asbury Boys, singing about life and love and friendship and days gone by.

Hath: Hakuna Matata

Can't help it. Disney songs always make me smile. This one more than most. I like the philosophy. No worries. Take it as it comes. Oh, and dance like a warthog if you get the chance.

flounces off swinging head from side to side and bouncing her big ol' butt...

Queenie:  Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves

How can this song NOT make you wanna just dance around the room?

Day 2

Your Least Favorite Song:

Tara: Shiny Happy People
Michael Stipe, in general, makes me want to stab my ears with sharp instruments. But this one really does it.

Kiwi: Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time
Thankfully I only have to endure this once a year if I can help it. I seriously hate this song -- once it's in my head it never goes out... EVER......EVERRRRRRRRRR! * regrets listening to the YouTube to validate if it was the correct version* UGH! Sorry Sir Paul. #fail.

Wils: The One That You Love
Nothing makes me want to run screaming from the room more than hearing this song, or almost anything else by Air Supply. Unless it's "couples' skate" in 1981... please don't make me listen to it, ever.

Catte:  MMMBop


Hath: Never Gonna Give You Up -- Rick Astley


The ONLY thing that makes this video watchable is the pop-ups lol
LOVE VH1-s Pop-Up Video!

Queenie:  Come out and Play - Offspring
I cannot even emphasize exactly how much I CANNOT stand this song.  My loathing of this song comes from a vacation trip right after it came out on the radio.  Twelve hours in the car driving to Myrtle Beach, a week spent there and then another 12 hours driving home.  I must have suffered through this song a million times that week.  Every time we turned the radio on, this song was playing...

Day 1

Your Favorite Song:

What's YOURS?  Let us know with a Comment!

Yes, I admit it. I am a Jovi freak, but in all honesty Wanted is my all time fave song. From the beginning the story and the video itself embedded it into my brain. I have dozens of versions of this song. And live, there really isn't anything else like it. The guys STILL play it with as much passion as when they originally recorded it. Raw, delicious, hurtful, and honest. THIS is the song that dragged me in and never let me go.

Catte: Born to Be My Baby

Na na na Na na na Na na na Na Na...
Enough said?
Raspy, growly, smiley, shaggy Puppy goodness right there.
It ALWAYS makes me smile and wanna get up and dance.

Kiwi : Living In Sin
I love that this song is a little rare and I love that it only comes out once awhile live like Mama's best silverware. I love the story that the song tells (I'm a rebel child at heart), I could do without the Cheesy people in the clip and my only complaint is he can't scream at the end anymore and sings it always way out on the circle but the addition of Chapel of Love in current performances at the end is DELICIOUS...This is the song that as soon as I hear those beats...I'm reduced to a small tear or two. Just pure magic.

Wils: Born to Be My Baby

Catte, you pain in my ass... you stole my song!.  (But I gave you a picture! :) -C)
But you ain't wrong in your choice, that is for damn sure! It's been my favorite Jovi song since it first came out and still makes me scream, smile, jump, dance and sing at the top of my lungs! Scroll back up a little ways to see the video...

Hath: Never Say Goodbye
Like my Fictionista sisters here, my all time fave is a Jovi-song. Has been since I was a teen. When I saw it live not once, but twice this tour, I cried both times. The beauty of the song, the desperation of the lyrics -- trying to hang onto young love with both hands -- gets to me ever single flippin' time. Every time.

Queenie:  Blood on Blood

I see my fellow Fictionistas all picked Bon Jovi songs as their favorites.  I wasn't sure I was going to, but the more I thought about it, I kept coming back to this one.  I just love the story in the song, the tribute to friendship and loyalty and being there no matter what.  I try to live my life like that and my mother-in-law gave me the greatest compliment not too long ago.  She told me that I'm always there when needed, no questions asked.

I guess I'm doing all right.

[Oh, if you noticed, I didn't choose blue as my color nor did I pick a black and white video... hope I don't get booted from the club (one of these things is not like the other...) LOL]

30-Day Music Challenge

So we Fictionistas like to Blab.  A LOT.  On any given day there are a couple hundred e-mails, tweets, texts, and Facebook posts flying between us and our pals.

One of the things that caught our collective eye today was a cool little game that's going on over on a site we occasionally get sucked into frequent.  It's called Mama's Fallen Angels and it's chock-full of not only all kinds of Jovi-Goodness but lots of other 80's Hair Band yummies (and some not-so-Hairy stuff).

The game is a 30-Day Music Challenge.  Every day a music-related question will post; all you have to do is answer.  If you want you can post a photo or link to a YouTube vid... but mostly it's just fun to think about and share.

We liked it so much we decided to borrow it and play.  Come join us!  We'll post the first question tomorrow, which happens to be the Ides of March *cue spooky music*.

Until then, here's a little inspiration to get you thinking about the Music of YOUR Soul.  :)

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