Hey, it’s me, Queenie!

No, that’s not my real name. Some of you do know my real name and that’s fine. It’s no secret really but here in the wonderful world of FF, I’m more comfortable with Queenie or Q if you need to be quick about it.

So, you want to know a little about me. Okay, here goes. I’m a forty-something woman who has been married for nearly 20 years, known my husband since we were 16 and been a mom of one fabulous young man for 13 years. And yes, I have taught him the joys of Bon Jovi. He won’t admit to being a fan, but his MP3 player will tell you different. The Hub will even admit to liking some of their stuff. Mostly the older stuff, circa 7800 and Slippery, but he just rolls his eyes at my obsession. Eh, what can you do? It’s my thing. He doesn’t have to understand. He just has to put up with it. And he does, mostly silently too.

But I digress. Back to my obsession…

The first time I ever laid eyes and ears on Bon Jovi was way back in 1984 on a show called American Bandstand. I was hooked. MTV became my new best friend after that. (Believe it or not way back then they actually did play music videos!) I didn’t get to see them live until they toured a little record called New Jersey. I saw them twice on that tour. What can I say; my guy loved me and indulged me. Still does.

I can admit that I lost track of the guys in the 90’s. What with getting married, buying a house, having a child you tend to lose track of most things. I found them again when I heard It’s My Life on the radio and haven’t looked back. I missed out seeing them on the Crush Tour and One Wild Night only because they didn’t bring their tour near where I live, but I have since redeemed myself.

I saw the guys twice on the Bounce Tour (saw the very last show at Giants), twice on the HAND Tour (again saw the last show at Giants) and, sadly, only hit one exit on the Lost Highway. I got to travel across country to see them on this tour. That was an exciting first for me. I even managed to get to two shows on The Circle Tour. Mohegan was a blast. I got to stay at Casa de Hath for that trip. And then just a month ago, I spent a weekend in New Jersey with TaraLeigh, Kiwi, Catte and Willow for the third of the NMS shows.

I think I have traveled more for Bon Jovi in the last two years than for anything else. Can I get frequent Jovi miles to use for my next trip?

Okay, on to my next love…

My other love is of the written word. I can read a book in about two days, maybe three depending on the length. I can read while I watch television which my husband just can’t understand. I can read two or three different books all at the same time and know what’s going on in each. That’s how much I love to read.

How’s that for a segue?

I was trolling the internet looking for something new, something different to read and wandered into the wonderful world of fan fiction. I was hooked right from the start! I stumbled into TaraLeigh’s Home and JillianeK’s The Layover right around the same time. It was all over after that. I spent hours reading everything I could find. I even started my own blog and dabble a bit myself now.

And that is also how I came to know the other women in this little club we call the Fan Fictionistas. Fan Fiction, who knew?

If I remember right, I came to know Hath first. We were both involved in an interactive fan fic over on T’s place called the Football Forum. (That is also where my moniker “Queenie” came from.) After that story was done I felt like I knew our fair Goddess like I knew my own sisters.

It was during a second interactive fic that I met Willow and the FictionMistress. All hell broke loose after that. We planned a trip to Long Beach Island for our first ever Fictionista Weekend. TaraLeigh joined us for that get together and, after hours of laughter, ootbay eglays and the ocean crashing practically at the back door, it was a struggle to go back home to my normal life. These women had become my friends and they understood the Jovi Obsession like no one else. That’s not to say that’s all we talked about. We discussed our men (or lack thereof), our families, our jobs. I feel like I formed friendships with these women that will be there beyond Bon Jovi. At least I hope they will be.

When I headed to New York for that NMS show back in May my hub asked me if I was excited. I had to actually think about it. I knew I would be excited for the show, but at that point, I was more excited that I was going to be seeing and hanging with my friends, Kiwi and Catte for the first time face to face, then I was for the show. (Your eyeballs are popping out of your head like in a cartoon over there aren’t they?) I know, I know, I was going to see Bon Jovi at Giants for crying out loud. I should have been bouncing in my seat. I was, but not until Saturday, while we were getting ready for and heading to the show.

That’s how much I enjoy spending time with these girls. It wouldn’t have mattered if we were going to see a Jovi show or not. We can make fun anywhere, anytime. A little wine, or maybe a ‘rita or three, with this group of women, who knows what can happen. (LOT E anyone? How about a flute button?)

We have gone international now with our fair Kiwi. We even have the long arm of the law on our side with our sister Catte.

They are the best bunch of woman you could ever want to meet. And I should know, I’ve slept with more than one of them…

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