On A Steel Horse I...okay it's a Santa Fe

But yes its that time again! The FF's are taking over fair Willow's house. Wine and hikinks....hehe hijinks but man that was too good to delete. Lmao! Will be afoot as Queeie said. Drunk tweets, fbs, and a probable drunk skype w our Kiwi princess is only part of the fun.

The rest includes getting away from family and responsibilities and remembering that it's more than Jovi that keeps us together. 

Looking forward to the insanity! Okay and the wine.


2 Response to "On A Steel Horse I...okay it's a Santa Fe"

  1. Bayaderra says:

    Lord have mercy!!!
    Someone should've warned me! I would've left the state!!!

    I don't care how the hell you get here... just GET HERE already!!

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