Kia Ora,

I'm Kiwi, the one that hails from a foreign land called New Zealand. The one that speaks in an exotic accent where a certain part of male anatomy out of my mouth sounds like PAY-NIS. There is audio evidence to suggest this if needed.

I've been a Bon Jovi fan for a long time but my birth into the REAL Bon Jovi world began in 2008 on the Lost Highway tour when they came to my hometown in Christchurch, we went along, had average seats but had the time of our lives. I then started looking up everything about Bon Jovi and came across Hath's site which of course led me to all different Fan-Fic and Jovi sites, and well the rest is history so they say.

I was lucky enough to have just been over to the US and met up with all the FanFictionistas after months of crazy emails lol,  and have a blast in NJ and NYC, and of course I got to see Bon Jovi for just the second time in my life, three times. This band is really something else, Jon's presence on stage and the way he makes you feel in that crowd is so hard to explain to people until they've been to a show. Then they get it.

I've been writing casually for a couple of years and FanFiction has helped me realize I love writing, and that I wanted to learn more and write contemporary fiction which I have taken steps to do so. I just love creating characters and a world where possibilities are endless, and romance is prevalent.

Jovi fandom is something unique and something I have never seen elsewhere. I feel blessed to know such like-minded lovely people and that I had the chance to meet so many of you in person in May. May it long continue and may Jovi continue to rock our worlds. And I will be back, that is a promise. ;)

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