I Can Write a Couple Lines...

Wow. I can't believe it's over. We made a bunch of memories, wrote many lines and I am already looking forward to the next time we get to do this.

I'm here at my desk top, sigh, no more laptop for Queenie. I think I may need to find a way to convince Mr. Queenie that I just have to have one. I'm addicted and need my fix. Thanks Cheryl! :)

Hath, Tara, Sam, Cheryl, I had the very BEST time. Getting to meet you all in person was just amazing. The worst part was leaving you all this morning. It was like leaving my sisters behind. After the MP3 player bit the dust on the car ride back to reality, I revisited our weekend. I have never had so much fun doing so little. Hell, I can't remember ever spending the whole day in my jammies and I didn't even have to be sick to do it.

The beach house, what can I say, it was fantastic. Cheryl, I hope it doesn't sell for a very, very loooooong time. I wanna come and visit again just to hear the waves crashing against the shore and to sit on that sectional and look out the window to see the sun shining over the ocean.

Girls, I will carry the memories of this weekend with me forever and I truly hope we get the opportunity to make more together. You totally get the obsession like no one else ever could. Who else would watch 11 hours of bootlegs and drool over scads of pictures with me? No one but fellow Jovi fans. Those are a rare commodity around here.

Thank you all for the best week[end] ever.

Love you all!!!

Reality Bites!

Well it's the first evening after our incredible long week/weekend together. Everyone has arrive safely at their appropriate destinations and we managed to miss the weather that is about to hit NJ.

Saying goodbye this morning was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time. Driving away from the beach house and leaving Tara and Queenie behind made me so sad. It was a long, very quiet drive back to the airport for Hath, Sam and I and the weather slowed things down just enough to make us just slightly late.

It wasn't until I pulled away from the airport that I started to cry. I felt so empty. But, even though reality bites alot of the time, our memories will carry us forward and make us look just that much more forward to the next time we will all be together.

I love you all, my fictionista sisters!

I Miss the Waves Crashing


I got home around Noon today after leaving Willow East at about O Dark 30. Alllll right, so it wasn't dark, but man I do NOT do 7:00am all that well. It was a bit of a teary goodbye, but one thing stayed behind within each of us.

That lovely little bond that will forever be FanFictionista Week[end].

Willow--girl, your family is just amazing to have let 4 near strangers stay in their home, especially one as sensational as that one. To have the beach be their backyard is nothing short of awe inspiring. I can still hear those waves crashing and it's going to help me finish out Tessa's story for sure.

Thank you sooooo much for letting us invade your space. It's a memory I'll have forever.

Willow, Sam, Hath and Queenie...you guys were always some of the nicest people I knew on line, but the reality of you far exceeded any expectations I had.

The Highlights
  • The FF Partaaaay at Chickie & Pete's
  • Oot-bay Egg-lays
  • Laughter
  • Wine
  • Puck Puck Goose
  • Chaaaaaaaaaahlie
  • Jammies and laptops
  • Nails clicking on keyboards
  • Waves crashing as loud as a wind storm
  • Beachy Backyard
  • Toby the mascot
  • The Snot Box
  • DarkStar
  • Meeeeeeeeat
  • Twitter
  • Double DING
  • The CORNER
  • Just Bead It
  • DayQuil!
  • Whore!
  • "How much did you write?"
  • "Who Twittered?"
  • Communion! (Grrr...I'm so going to hell.)

I hate that it ended, but I love, loooove, love that we got to do this.
You guys are the VERY best!



All's Quiet On The Jersey Shore

I'm fairly certain I'm the first one awake, and saying awake is laughable because did I really go to sleep last night?

Nope, I tossed and I turned, thinking about how much I'm going to miss these ladies.

Lesson Number One Grasshopper: Real life sucketh sometimes.

Oh well - my flight from Philly to The Big Easy leaves in about 3 and a half hours and we have a long drive over icy roads in a packed to the gills Jovi 'Stang ahead of us, at least for me, Willow and Hath any way. Tara and Queenie are leaving straight from here to their parts of the world.

I've missed the Samlets like crazy. Both of them had strep throat while I was gone, so there has been tons of Mommy guilt heaped on me this week by Mr. Sam. Still, I can't wait to see them. Let's all hope they've gotten it all out of their systems cuz I don't wanna be running a 103 fever on top of feeling miserable that this week is over.

Willow, Hath, Queenie and Tara: Thanks for one of the best weeks I've ever had and sorry I bailed on y'all last night. There are many, many moments I'll never forget...the day touring the Jovi sites, creating my new keychain, sitting around with the "fictionistas" watching some of Tara's mind-boggling video collection, and of course, the show Monday night.

For everyone I met this week and old friends I saw again -- what a blast to have everyone in one place, and finally put faces with names.

For everyone who wasn't able to be with us, know that you were here in spirit the entire time.

And all I can say is, let's hope the rumors are true and this time next year we're planning lots more weekends with the fictionistas and more as a new tour gets started. :)

Peace and Love,

The Fiction Mistress

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