I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ll be home Sunday night around 10:30 PM EST if all goes well. (Please God let there be no problems I have to work on Monday). Right now though, it’s 6:00 A.M. and I’m on a plane headed to Boston to meet up with Hath and Willow for my first arc in The Circle! My second one comes in May, but that's a story for another day. :)

I’m joining my friends for the second show at the Mohegan Sun Casino tonight. I can hardly wait. I’m not sure I even slept last night. But really, can you blame me? I’ve been waiting for forever it seems for this weekend. Well, only since December when we bought the tickets, but you get the idea. I’ve followed the tweets, been checking the BJCT blog, and now, FINALLY, it’s my turn!!

I’ve got everything. Yes, Catte and Kiwi, I made a list so I wouldn’t forget anything. My camera is packed, comfy shoes, Willow has my ticket (at least she better have it printed out and waiting for me) and I raided the Jovi account for funds for swag. What more could I need? I managed to fit everything in one small carry on size suitcase too. My hub was suitably impressed. He was sure I wasn’t going to be able to get everything to fit. Pfft, what does he know?

Not sure what Hath has planned for us to do between the time I land and when we have to leave for the concert. There was chatter of hanging in her game room, which sounds like a fun place to play (air hockey, pool, etc.) maybe getting some BBQ, but I really don’t care. I’m just glad I get to spend some quality time with girls I haven’t seen since last August and we get to go to a show together. Sounds like the perfect girls night out to me.

Four hours til I land in Beantown… Hath and Willow, here I come…

Well my bags are packed...

... I'm ready to go.

Damn, am I ready to go.

I have a little over 7 hours before I board the train (Amtrak) for 30th Street. Wills, I'll call you when I hit NYC, and figure out where to meet you and FM :)

I have been looking forward to this trip for MONTHS and now it is finally here!

Not only do I get to see Willow again (and meet her gorgeous little puppy), but I get to see the Fiction Mistress again, and will meet Catte Sambora for the first time (though we've been friends for what feels like FOREVER)!

Tomorrow, we will stop and say a prayer to whatever god(s) we pray to for TaraLeigh and her family, as they mourn the loss of Tara's mom. You will be in our hearts and minds all week, sweetie :)

Tuesday and Wednesday are the shows at Wachovia (two for sure, hopefully three if one or more of us win the WMMR lotto). Thursday Wills and I will say goodbye to FM and Catte and head into NYC for the afternoon. So far, we know we're taking in Memphis that evening (David, honey, the invitation to drinks still stands -- let me know) and we are SERIOUSLY contemplating getting inked. We'll let you know how that works out...

Friday, it's a long-ass bus ride from NYC back to Bahstin, where my mom'll pick us up and take us to my house where we'll meet up with my SIL and another Jovi friend, Bonnie, who we're also meeting for the first time. We'll make the trek down to Mohegan (and see if we can't cruise the high-stakes tables after the show lol) before heading back home.

Saturday we'll pick up Queenie from the airport, perhaps partake in some BBQ at my friend's rib joint, and trundle back to Mohegan for night 2. By Sunday afternoon, when the girls have to go home, I'm sure we'll all be a mixture of overjoyed and depressed, which ought to make for an interesting Monday :)

But oh, who cares!

It's Jovi Week.

And I'm packed and ready to go.

~ Hath

Monday, Monday.... so good to me

Hello loves and lasses... (don't ask, it's just the first thing that came out this morning)...

It's been entirely too long since I've posted here, because it's been entirely too long since we Fictionistas have been able to get together. And while it won't be ALL of us this time around, it will be most of us in one form or another from now until next Monday... and that is good enough for me, at least for now.

First of all, I want to again express my deepest sympathies to my favorite red-haired Fictionista, TaraLeigh, on the passing of her mama. We know the next two days are not going to be easy ones and we are there with you in spirit and sisterhood. Lots of love and hugs coming your way and we will all take a moment of silence tomorrow morning for a tribute to her. XOX

Today brings with it the arrival of The Goddess Hath and The Fiction Mistress to my fine city of Brotherly Love... and since at least a couple of our 'brothers' are bound to be around, maybe there will be an out of concert sighting or two. You never know in Philly.

Lots of talk about set lists and what to expect. Jon and the boys never disappoint in Philly, so I think we are all in for 2 nights of true bliss with at least one surprise up each sleeve of the frontman. Still waiting to see if any of us get into the special "Soul" concert, it's not looking good for me, but you never know.

More later, but for now I must get my day started. The small blond furry one is sound asleep next to me and I'm jealous... oh, to be a puppy.


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