A Special Thought

For two of our Fictionista's that have suffered losses in the last week. Sam and Hath our thoughts are with you and your families.

As for the rest of us, Queenie is away in the great outdoors for the weekend, Catte is killing us all with amazing You Tube videos from the o2 shows, make sure you check out this site for all your tour media, the girls have really worked hard with this: The Circle Tour . Willow has just recovered from a stomach bug---it's never boring here, let me say that!

Tara is returning to life after being disrupted by me for two weeks lol, and writing like a demon on her projects. As for Kiwi, I've returned to life in the fold at home and work is just as hellish as it was before I left, but I'm planning a Down-under tour in December when the guys come so that'll keep me out of trouble and broke, lol.

That's where we are at, plenty more to come, check us out on twitter we're usually around causing some kind of havoc. ;)

Ciao for now.

A wise man once said...

(Okay so it was Dr Seuss)

"Don't cry when something comes to end, be happy it even happened."

And that is how I feel today. Four flights, four airports and forty-eight hours later, I am home from one of the most awesome trips of a lifetime. I'm a little sad but so grateful I had an opportunity to come over, hang out with you all at sometime or another. I really couldn't have hoped for more.

Jovi-fandom certainly has a lot to answer for, it's more than just a band. It's a lifestyle. ;)

So I will at some point write a blog post around this, and dig through a gazillion pictures. That is after I build my new shelf in the bathroom for all my bath and body works products I smuggled home, LOL.

But thank you--and it was so lovely to meet all of you and everyone else we ran into. I will never forget it.


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