Day 30

A Song You'd Dedicate to a Friend:  (To Whom and Why?)

Hath: Unbreakable -- Bon Jovi

I thought hard about this one. I could have gone with "You Are The Sunshine of my Life", for my son, who truly is.  I could have waffled between "Hit The Road Jack" and "Be My Baby" for Mr. Hath, depending on the day.  I could have gone with "Wind Beneath My Wings" for my parents, who taught me to do more with less, and to always do it with love.

But no, I went with this song, dedicated to all my girlfriends.

Collectively, we have survived feasts and famines. Our houses have blown up, our marriages dissolved, our livelihoods taken away, our countries literally shaken to their very foundations, and our families hit with unspeakable tragedies, yet still we are here.

We have lived through all this and come out the other side because we are strong.

"I Am Woman" first came to mind as an anthem of sisterhood to dedicate to my girls, but largely, we have survived and surpassed these things on our own. Yes, we have had the support of our own sisters (in numbers too great to ignore), but WE chose to bend, not break. WE chose to pick up, dust off, and move on. WE chose to celebrate what we have, not what we lost. WE are Unbreakable.

I love you, girls!

Wils: That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick and Friends

Hath, as usual you hit this one on the head. Where would I be without my girlfriends? From wine in parking lots to late night talks to concerts to lunch dates (over the phone) and so much more, you girls have no idea how much you mean to me. You've guided me through the darkest times, lifting me up and encouraging me and been there to celebrate in good times as well. We may not see each other everyday, but everyday you are in my thoughts and there are simply not enough words or days in my life to tell you all how much I love you.

Catte:  With a Little Help From My Friends

For my Danny.  He knows why.

Queenie: I'll Be There For You - The Rembrants

This was a hard one.  Wils picked my first choice and I used my second choice way back on Day 5.  So, I went with the theme from Friends (arguably the BEST sitcom only able to be seen in re-runs and on DVD), not the Bon Jovi version (not that I don't love their version, but this one fit the category much better). A much happier, bouncier I'll Be There for you and the lyrics really say it all...

For my girlfriends, old and new, I'll be there for you and I know you'll be there for me too...

Tara: Standing (Jovi bside)
Well, Hath said it better than I ever could. What a lovely post darlin'!
This is the song that I listen to when I need a little push. I think it fits all of us. And honestly, just looking at what all of us have had to deal with at one time or suits ALL the women in my life. And since Jovi has brought be some of the most amazing women in my life, it's only right they get to be the last song on this challenge. Sometimes we bend and almost break. But in the end we are always the ones standing.

Kiwi: This One's for the Girls - Martina McBride
Agreed---Hath you really said it all. I know in my life personally, the last six months would have been unbearable without my girlfriends, I have some very special people in my life and I'm only still standing because of them.

Day 29

A Song From Your Childhood:

Hath: Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker and Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

Sorry, I had to pick two.

Delta Dawn is the first song I remember knowing all the words to. I loved it when this song came on the (AM) radio in the kitchen or in the powder-blue Dodge Dart.

Abracadabra is the very first song I ever recorded on my Sanyo AM/FM Radio/Casette player. I still have the orange-labeled cassette around somewhere...

Looks under the banana clips, Jordache bags, Swatch watches, plastic bangle bracelets, Jovi-worthy purple tiger-print spandex and slouchy socks for the cassette...

Catte:  The Mississippi Squirrel Revival - Ray Stevens

My Dad thought Ray Stevens was the funniest man on the planet.  I think he still does.  I remember him playing his Ray Stevens eight-track over and over and over....

But I gotta admit, this song is REALLY funny.  Still.

Queenie: America - Neil Diamond (The Jazz Singer Soundtrack)

This cassette was played every weekend while we cleaned the house. It was a favorite of my parents. I think I can still sing every word...

Wils: Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension

When I was a (very) little girl, around 3-4, we lived in Japan. I was very young and some of my very first memories are from this time. I remember than every Sunday we listened to a radio show on Armed Forces Radio, the host was Rabbi Ira Youdovin and he started the show every week with this song. I understand he lives in the Chicago area now and wouldn't know me, but he has a place in my very earliest memories.

 Tara : Suspicious Minds (Hawaii)
Oh my GOD, Queenie. LOL That was my mom's FAVE song. She'd BLAST it while she was doing the vacuuming. So loud that Eric and I would run outside laughing at her. LOL

One of the first songs I remember was Elvis. LOL He's been my answer for a few of these now! LOL
The Hawaii show was played quite a bit in my house. From movies to concerts and all the things in between, Elvis dominated in my house.

Day 28

A Song that Makes You Feel Guilty:

Hath: Cat's in the Cradle -- Harry Chapin

I've said "I'm too busy" when my son wants to play. I've said "later, we'll do it later" when he asks to watch a movie snuggled up with me. I've said "Not right now" when he's asked me to read to him. I hate that I can't devote every moment to him. I'm worried that he's going to remember "Mama was too busy to play when I was a kid." Make time for your kids/loved ones.

Wils: Baby Girl - Sugarland

I don't really do guilt, so this is a hard one for me. This is my song with my daughter (and also Brown Eyed Girl) and, while I believe I've always TRIED to do my best with her, I'm sure there are times when I've not told her I love her enough. But the fact is, I love her "more than anything in the world".

Catte:  Nada
I got nothin' for this one.  I don't listen to music to feel guilty, and I honestly can't remember EVER feeling guilty listening to any music or lyrics.  I know there have been a number of social issue songs out there (Man in the Mirror, Land of Confusion, Luka, American Skin (41 Shots), Bullet ), but they just don't make me feel guilty.  They may make me think, but not feel guilty.

Then you have all the "supergroup" singles to raise awareness of global tragedy or natural disaster.  This trend started back in 1984 with Sir Bob Geldof when he formed BandAid, the British/Irish SuperGroup-for-a-Day to record Do They Know It's Christmas? for charitable relief for famine-stricken Ethiopia.  Being all of 16 I remember thinking "what a cool idea" and "oh, those poor Ethiopians" for about a second, then being very VERY excited to hear Simon LeBon sing right after Bono and before Sting.  Then of course the U.S. had to jump on the Band-Wagon (pun intended) and do USA for Africa.  Then came the concerts - Live Aid, Farm Aid, Live Earth, et al.

The trend continues to this day, only now it seems that big-shot Rock Stars can't really be bothered to all get together and write an original song every time there is an earth-shaking catastrophe (and granted, there have been a LOT lately).  So they instead donate their songs to these All-Star Albums For (Insert city/country/region here).  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking these efforts in any way, shape, or form.  Any way celebrities can use their spotlight to help those in need, I'm fine with.  Even if it's convincing us to use a couple of our iTunes gift cards to download some music so a few dollars will go to the Red Cross.  But I just have a hard time feeling guilty when I'm listening to that music.  Fortunate, sure.  Grateful for what I have, absolutely. But I just can't muster guilt.

So I guess I'll just go with the GrandDaddy of them all, the song that really brought a fleeting moment of social awareness to kids my age when I was a 1980's teeny-bopper.  Maybe I should feel guilty for not feeling guilty.

Tara: Angel - Sarah McLachlan
I used to love this song beyond explanation. This was the song that I would long for at a Sarah show. Then the ASPCA took it and ruined it forever. LOL I can withstand pretty much anything on tv, except an animal in distress. HOLY CRAP, these commercials make me want to hand over my bank account to animals in need.
So, that's about as guilty as I get.

Day 27

A Song you Wish You Could Play on an Instrument:

Catte:  Dry County - Bon Jovi

Oh, that I had the talent to play Richie's solo....

Hath: Anything on the guitar -- Anything

I really wish I could play guitar. It's not that I haven't tried, I just have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever (Classical Gas aside). I'd love to be able to play Satriani, Hendrix, EVH, Slash, Sambora -- any of it. All of it.

Queenie: Netherworld Waltz - David Bryan

I love piano music.  Absolutely adore it.  If I had three wishes, they'd be that I could play the piano as well as Mr. David Bryan, Mr. Harry Connick, Jr., Mr. Billy Joel and Mr. Elton John. That's how much I LOVE the piano...

If I could play, I'd play this... it's just beautiful.

Wils: Wanted Dead of Alive - Bon Jovi

The most famous guitar rift out there... and I wish I could play it.

Tara: Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
Dang, Wils! That's my SONG!! LOL You done stole my song! I think I've always been a guitarist in my head. Well, that and the lead singer. I am an Aries after all. LOL But the guitar just draws me in. My damn fingers are too small to play. *pout* That and I have no musical ability. But I'd fairly kill to be able to play any song on Acoustic Guitar. My 2nd choice would be Never Say Goodbye.

Day 26

A Song You Can Play on an Instrument:

Catte:  Walk This Way - Aerosmith

Yep, I can play the intro riff on the guitar. *smirks*  Maybe someday I'll learn the rest.
(Side Note:  I Love Jonny's Mad Hatter Top Hat in this vid, LOL)

Hath: Classical Gas -- Mason Williams

The only song I can play on anything. My brother taught me to play this on the piano when I was 14 (he was 12). It sounds way better on guitar.

Queenie: Fur Elise - Beethoven

I cannot play an instrument. I don't have the patience. I lasted three weeks with the clarinet before nearly throwing it out the window. But my grandma taught me to play this. I can't anymore, but once upon a time, I could.

Kiwi : Baker Street - Gerr Rafferty 
Possibly one of the most famous sax riffs around and there once was a time I was a mean machine on the sax,  I performed this song for my sixth form end of year music exam LOL.

Wils: Feelin Stonger Every Day - Chicago

When I was in high school, the marching band marched "military style" which means that everything was done in "squads" and therefore if one person was absent the whole show was thrown off. Consiquently, there had to be people who could step into any spot and march in any persons spot holding (playing) any intrument. My senior year I gave up my drummers position to be an "alternate". This was one of the songs we did that year and since I did it will at least 7-8 different instruments, I say "technically" this is a song I can play on any instrument... LOL.

Tara: Love From Afar...ears only. LOL
Nope, Tara has NO musical talent. Just ask anyone that's known me from birth to current. NOPE, NADA, NOTHING. LOL

Day 25

A Song That Makes You Laugh:

Catte:  Squirrels In My Pants (S.I.M.P)

*Snicker, snort*  Need I say more?

Hath: We're Not Gonna Take It -- Twisted Sister

Dee Snyder. C'mon. He's awesome. His makeup always makes me giggle. He looks like one scary-ass dude. And Catte, thanks... now that song is stuck in my head.

Queenie: The Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler

I am not an Adam Sandler fan, but this song just cracks me up, especially when sung by one curly haired keyboard player... just look at the faces and the antics of his bandmates... how can you not be laughing?

Kiwi: Jizz in my pants - The lonely island
Cracks me up every single time and it's a mutual friend of Tara and I's FAVOURITE songs ever. It will forever remind me of Cari and it's JUST so damn funny and clever.

Wils: OMG! Shoes!

'Nuff Said. If you know me, you know this is MY SONG!

Tara: Love For Sale (uncut)
The original version of Love For Sale (uncut) is by far the quickest laugh for me. There's tons of great songs over the years from tons of different bands, but the end of this song I sing over every other live or acoustic.

I wanna go to one of those countries that you can have seven wives.
Imagine what I can make 'em do to each other?
Naughty Jonny and Richie all over this one.
Can you imagine how drunk they are? LOL

Ooohhhh, I gotta go home.
You gotta go home to your woman?
Yeaaaaaaah, I gotta go home.
Just lets say...lets say that the record is done.

Day 24

A Song You Want Played at Your Funeral:

Catte:  My Way - Sinatra et al

The perfect tribute to a life well-lived.

Hath: Highway to Hell -- AC/DC

Oh c'mon, you know damned well where I'm going…. No, seriously, I don't want any "Adagio for Strings" (no disrespect to Barber) or "Amazing Grace" or any of that weepy shit. There will be no crying. There will be no wearing black (unless it's a LBD with CFMs, then you're okay)


You weep, and I'm sitting up right there in the funeral parlor to yell at you, and you know that will freak you the F out. You are *going* to celebrate my life. You are *going* to do so by singing along and picture me tooling down the highway in a cherry-red Mustang convertible with the top down, the wind blowing through my hair, and this song POUNDING out on the speakers as I head on down to warmer climes.

Kiwi - With a little help from my friends - Joe Cocker
Because I wouldn't have lived a life as full without them.

Wils: The Song of Purple Summer - Duncan Sheik (from the musical "Spring Awakening)

It's a song full of promise in the face of sadness. I want my life to be celebrated and any who mourn to remember that I lived my life to it's fullist.

Queenie: Seasons of Love - The Musical "Rent"

I thought long and hard about this one. Green Day's Time of Your Life came to mind, as did the Beatles' In My Life. But I finally decided on this one. How do you measure a year in the life? Measure with love...

Tara: My Way - Elvis Vers.
I tried to find another song since Cate took mine. LOL I found a few that almost fit, but nothing can compare to My Way. I grew up on Elvis. I've loved him all my life. Even the bands that I've loved since have been influenced by this man. So, he gets my last song. No matter what happened to Elvis he never lost his voice. I hope that when I go out, there's ONE thing people can always say about me that's just as amazing.

Day 23

A Song You Want to Play (or Wish You Had Played) at Your Wedding:

Catte:  You Had Me From Hello - Bon Jovi

Well, it wasn't around when I got married 20 years ago, but in my mind this is the perfect love song. *sigh*

Hath: No Changes -- Got it right the first time…

Our wedding was a mix of songs from the 50's - 80's (Jovi inclued), and was really fun. I don't think I would have changed any of the music to be honest with you. Mr. Hath and I danced our first dance to "Be My Baby" (Ronnettes) and Daddy and I danced to "If I Can Dream" (Elvis) because it's his favorite song.

PS, Jon, you should TOTALLY consider an Elvis-cover record. We'll buy it. I swear we will.

Queenie: Love of My Life - Jim Brickman featuring Michael W. Smith

When I got married (Almost 21 years ago) there was no Bed of Roses, Always or Thank You for Loving Me. Mr. Q and I danced to Just You and I (Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle). I think if this song had been around back then, it would have been perfect.

Kiwi - In These Arms - Bon Jovi
Oh God--don't get me started. I have a wedding soundtrack all ready to go, I reallllllllllly hope the guy I am going to marry doesn't have this heart set on a song because tough luck buddy. LOL But this is definitely one I would have to have played...

Wils: Sorry guys, I'll have to take a pass on this one. Two weddings, two divorces, not the best source for this topic.

Tara: Love Me Tender
Grrr. I put mine in here, but it didn't show up.
I haven't really been close to the big M word, but I'd like to think that this song pretty much covers what I see in the big commitment.

Day 22

A Song You Listen To When You're Sad:

Hath: Flight of the Bumblebee -- Rimsky-Korskakov

When I'm sad, I wanna be snapped out of it; I don't wanna dwell on it.

For me, "Flight of the Bumblebee" does it. This song reminds me of watching "Bee Movie" with my son. After seeing the film, whenever he saw a bee trapped in the house or flying around too close to us outside, we couldn't swat at it because it was "just a pollen jock, Mama. he's just doing his job." Makes me smile every time. Can't be sad when thinking about my Hathlet. He's just too freaking adorable (yeah, I'm biased a bit). That, and he'll (randomly, for no reason) start trotting around the house/yard singing, "BUZZ buzz buzz buzz BUZZ buzz buzz buzz" lol Yep, wicked hard to stay sad with your lil guy making bee noises.

Queenie: Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Yes, I picked a Bon Jovi song, finally! LOL
When I'm feeling down this one picks me up, the optimism in this song always makes me feel better... (I even picked the original video... it makes me smile every time I see it!)

Kiwi: Acoustic #3 - The Goo Goo Dolls
This song always mellows me out, I need to mellow, weep do my thing when I'm down and I generally pick myself up after that and this song puts me right in the zone.

Wils: Lift - The Josh Nelson Project

Here's one of those "things" not many people know about me... I love to listen to Contemporary Jewish Music (CJM). It's been a part of my life since my teen years and it touches me in a place that I don't access all that often. This past summer I had the fortune to meet and hear Josh Nelson and his music is amazing, original and uplifting. The drums and rhythm of this particular song has the ability to pull me out of a sad mood in a very unique way. This is not your parents "religious music".

No video, but I encourage you to listen here:

Tara: Kiss Me When I'm Down
Oh...I like to embrace my sad sometimes.
And one man that can really rip my guts out is Gary Allan.
He knows how to rip your heart out with a lyric. The man himself has experienced a lot of loss and this song reminds me so much of a particular point in my life that I did a lot of stupid things with an ex. Sometimes you just want that warm body even tho you know it's bad for you.

Catte: My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms

Misery likes company--I like the way that sounds...
This song is so raw and emotional it always soothes me when I'm down.  It doesn't matter why I'm sad.. it just somehow seems to understand.  And though the vocals are fantastic, it's more Richie's mournful guitar that speaks to me.

Day 21

A Song You Listen to When You're Happy:

Catte:  Don't Leave Me Tonight - John Bongiovi

Puppy Jonny Music + Happy Catte.  Pretty Simple.  : )

Wils: Stand Up - Sugarland

Such a wonderfully uplifting song, how can I help but not be happy listening to it :)

PS: I love Catte's choice too....

Hath: Closer to Fine -- Indigo Girls

I've always loved this song. It makes me smile when I hear it.

The best thing you've ever done for me
Is to help me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all

Don't sweat the small stuff.

It's only life after all.

Queenie: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham!

I know, this probably should have gone under guilty pleasure or the song I listen to when I'm sad, but it's here in this category. It's a fun song and really, how can you not laugh at George Michael in those ridiculously short shorts?

Kiwi - Faster - Matt Nathanson
This song is only new but I totally LOVE it and I LOVE listening to it when I'm happy... it's so catchy and has all the usual MN hooks that make a song utterly delicious. The uh uh uh's are catchy.. I dare you not to sing them randomly after you've listened ;)

Tara: Put You In A Song
That's what I get for being late. Kiwi stole my song!! LOL I'm utterly obsessed with Faster. LOL
Okay...what else do I listen to when I'm happy....

I think it's going to have to be Keith Urban lately. Especially this song. I do love that this man is so in love. He writes such GREAT songs.

Day 20

A Song You Listen To When You're Angry:

Catte:  Slither - Velvet Revolver

When I'm pissed off I want to hear one thing:  LOUD GUITARS.   And nothing soothes my boiling blood like a little Slash.  (Well, he makes my blood boil in other ways, heh heh.)  It's not always this one, but this is one of my favorites.  Plus I love to yelp out the little "HEY!"s.

Wils: TOTALLY FUCKED - from the musical "Spring Awakening"

I have seen alot of Broadway shows, I love live theatre as much as I love live music. This is close to the top of my top 5 all time favorites. Led in the original cast by the most amazing Jonathan Groff, it's my go-to song for when I'm pissed and need a new perspective. What's life if you can't just admit that there are times that you are TOTALLY FUCKED? blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Hath: Head like a Hole -- Nine Inch Nails

It's loud.

You can crank it until your ears bleed.

And if it isn't loud enough, you can scream along with it.

And plot revenge.

Bow down before the one you serve
You're gonna get what you deserve

Yeah... Watch out.

Queenie: Straight Out Of Line - Godsmack

If this song doesn't drum the mad out of you, looking at Sully should at least make you drool through it...

Tara: I Stand Alone - Godsmack
DANG!! GGMTA, Queenie!! LOL I LOVE Godsmack for LOUD and GROWLY music.
This song and the video---yeah.
That'll do.
I have a special place in my heart for Sully AND The Rock. ;) Both = Kickass!

Kiwi : The Clash - I fought the law.
UGH I had already done this and it didn't show up. LOL here it is now. LOUD.

Day 19

A Song From Your Favorite Album:

Catte:  Little Bit of Soul - Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi

It's a close, close contest, but Keep the Faith is my favorite album EVER.  It's the one that has it all for me:  rockin' songs, dancin' songs, love songs, jammin' songs.  No matter my mood, I can put KTF on and find what I need.  And this is my favorite track -- in fact, I love it so much I named my DOG after it.  Yep, her AKC registered name is "RockStar Little Bit O'Soul" aka "Jovi."  She's a rockin' PuppyDog, LOL.

Wils: Killer Queen - Queen

By far one of the very best rock albums out there. Freddy Mercury was an amazing talent.

Hath: Blood on Blood -- Bon Jovi (New Jersey)

I'm not sure what I can say about this. NJ is my favorite album of all time. ALL time. And this song of brotherhood, friendship is just the bomb. Shit did I just say "the bomb"? From the intro all the way through… Just a fantastic song.

Queenie: Never Alone - Ultimate Love Songs, Jim Brickman featuring Lady Antebellum

I know, I know, I should have picked a Bon Jovi album, but I don't have just one favorite.  Besides, I'm a romantic sap at heart so I leaned on my second favorite keyboard player for this choice.

Tara : Bon Jovi - It's Hard Letting You Go (These Days Album)
Dang...I promised myself this thing wouldn't be all about Jovi, but c'mon.
FAVE album?
It's soooo These Days.
Here's the current version of it that they dragged out for this tour. I was a MESS when I heard it.

Kiwi: Bruce Springsteen, Come on Let's Go Tonight. (The Promise)

I LOVE this album, seriously is on my playlist at least one a day. The entire album is full of just gorgeous songs and I ADORE this song...*sigh*  As cliche it is, this album came to me in the exact right moment of my life. :)

Day 18

A Song You WISH You Heard on the Radio:

Catte:  Love Amnesia - Soraia

Okay, I don't hear it on the radio because it hasn't been released yet.  But hopefully my favorite Awesome-Chick-Fronted-Rock-Band will break BIG with this song.  *fingers crossed*

Queenie: Marry Me - Train

Very first time I heard this was on my cable music channel, Palladia. Train was doing a SoundStage special and they pulled this one out. Pat Monahan said it was a fan favorite. I hope they release it as a single and I get to hear it on my radio. It's just a beautiful, beautiful song.

Wils: Rosie - Richie Sambora

Let's face it, we just never get to hear our favorite sexy axe-man's solo work on the radio, and that is just a crime. There are so many songs I could have chosen here, but I picked this one because I find that when it comes on the Jovipod, I always turn it up and sing!

Hath: Stranger in this Town -- Richie Sambora

Fortunately, with the iPod, I can listen to practically anything I want to, any time I want to. The music is out there -- you just have to find it. Plus, when I listen to the radio, it's typically satelilte, and the 80's station or classic rock or Hair Nation. HN does play Richie once in a while -- I guess I'd have to go with this song because it's just one of my personal favorites of his, and would LOVE to hear it on the radio. For some reason, when a station plays a song I love, I feel almost instant loyalty to the DJ/station, and feel overJOYED that they played something "for meeeeee!" lol. Yeah... my choice is Stranger (with or without Sleep Alone, though I love that song when he does it, too).

Tara:I Am - Bon Jovi

*sigh* I'm going to use a Jovi tune. Sad, I
But when HAND came out there was one song that I coudln't stop playing. It often made me wonder if it should have been a radio hit. Maybe it would have been if given half the chance. A lot of the public thinks there's only two KINDS of Jovi songs. Boombastic rockers or ballads. They don't know about these gems that are always my faves.

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