Memories of Lot E...

As I sit here in this smoky room... night about to end...

Okay, it's not a SMOKY room, it's my Jovi-nook.  It's kind of musky and spicy.  And the night's not over yet.  But let's not nitpick.

Tonight the Jovis are playing Round 4 of their New Meadowlands Stadium set.  I'm following along on the Twitter play-by-play, chatting a bit with friends, and working on my latest Fic.  But my heart is in Jersey.

Just 41 short days ago I was singing myself hoarse  and dancing my booty off at the third NMS show.  And Man Alive, WHAT a show that was!  Just Older, Raise Your Hands, Living in Sin, Diamond Ring, I'd Die For You, Dry County, and my personal favorite -- a little Rolling Stones cover of Jumping Jack Flash right smack-dab in the middle of I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

But amazing as that show was, the very, very, very best part my weekend in Jersey was finally, at last, meeting ALL the Fictionistas and Friends.  By this time Hath, FM, and Willow were old friends, but I had yet to meet Queenie, TaraLeigh, and the Fabulous Super Kiwi.  I also met SOOO many other great JoviGals:  Stas, Vicki, Iris, Deb, Summer, Elena...  It was truly a Jovi Summit of epic proportions.  And WHAT a time we had!

Queenie, Tara, and Kiwi were gracious enough to share a piece of floor (well, actually an air mattress) with Willow and I.  And somehow, they still love us. :)  But I will say, ever the well-mannered guest, I DID arrive with six bottles of wine and a ginormous carton of Goldfish crackers to share.

And thus the debauchery began.

SO many memories:
  • Meeting Joe the Backstage Caterer waiting for the elevator on the third floor.  TIP:  JBJ ringtone -- often source of embarrassment, but guaranteed conversation starter.
  • Amazing Cab Karma with Willow.  Her train was late; we had tickets to Memphis.  We made it out of Penn Station, straight into a cab, and to the theater in TEN MINUTES.  Even had time to get a $15 glass of wine before curtain.
  • RICHIE!!!!  He was at Memphis.  He was six feet away from us at the stage door.  Ahhhh.....
  • "BYOP":  Bring Your Own Porn
  • Driving to New Meadowlands, blasting New Jersey.  Hunting for the Elusive Lot E; relying on Parking Helper Monkeys for directions (BAD MOVE).  Finally finding Lot E after completely circling the stadium.  NOTE:  Lot E is located in the smoldering ruins of Old Giants Stadium.
  • Tailgating out of the back of the van.  Tailgate menu:  Red Wine.  White Wine.  Any questions?
  • Having the World's Best $5 grilled cheese sandwich at NMS.  Two Thumbs Up!!!
  • Damn.... that guy with the hair and the tank top.......
  • Two words:  Jack Bauer.  *swoon*
  • Willow sitting down mid-show to change camera batteries and promptly getting smacked in the head by Catte.  (Hey, NOBODY sits during a Jovi Show when they're with ME!)
  • Wendy's Drive Thru -- TWICE.  Hey, when you order fries, you want FRIES, Dammit! (Oh no, there's MORE!)
  • Kiwi:  "Just push the Flute Button."  Rest of Us:  "Huh?  WTF is a Flute Button?"  Kiwi:  There's an App for that!
  • Lara the Hotel Desk Girl, who was brave enough to a) buy one of the Fictionista's extra show tix, and b) ride home with us after the show.  Poor girl is probably in therapy now.
Ahhh.... Memories.

I'm not sure they'll ever let us all enter the State of New Jersey together again.

Falling In Love With a 'New' Story

I think this is a general Fan Fictionista problem. We all have such active imaginations that the ideas tumble faster than we can write them down. Most of us have more than one story running because we get into that slump--and fall in love with a new idea.

It's not far off from a regular writing career. The curse of the never completed story.

It's something I suffer from, repeatedly.

So, tell many of us--FF or otherwise suffer from this disease?

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