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So I'm the New Kid on the Block.

I like the way that sounds.  Makes me sound young.  Something I'm not often accused of being.  But ya know what?  Age ain't nothin' but a number, so I'm not afraid to admit I'm staring 42 smack in the face as I write this little piece.  And most days I don't feel a day over 29(ish). Know why?

Blame it on the Love of Rock and Roll.

I've always loved music, ever since I was an itty-bitty Cattelet.  Like my Fictionista Sistahs, my most cherished memories are inextricably linked to song.  Early on it was old-time country and gospel (I grew up in farmland, so go figure), then came the awakening of my teenage years and discovery of good ol' Rock n' Roll.  I dabbled in obsession with British Pop-Pretty Boys in the early 1980s (Simon LeBon was ever so dreamy!) until one day I heard this song on the radio that just BLEW my mind.  It was 1983, it was "Runaway," and that was it.

A Jovi Girl was born.

Through the magic of MTV (back when it actually played MUSIC videos, remember?) I discovered how adorable Jon Bon Jovi was and how tight he wore his blue jeans, and then there was the dark, delicious Axeman who put my adolescent hormones on permanent overdrive.  (They're still there, in case you're wondering.)

For the next 27 years those Jersey Boys would guide my soul through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of life, accompanying the crazy ride that has been Catte Sambora's personal history.  Thanks to the music and inspiration of this amazing band I lost my virginity (Jersey Boy College QB + "Never Say Goodbye" = A Night to Remember *SIGH*), met my husband, somehow became an adult, was brave enough to serve my country and followed my heart to protect and serve as a federal law enforcement officer.  Bon Jovi has inspired me to shoot for the stars, has helped me summon courage I never realized I had, and has provided me with more than a Little Bit of Soul when hard times came a-knockin.'  Hell, the boys were even "there" when my child was conceived.  Now THAT's loyalty.

Now as much as I love this band, sometimes real life gets in the way.  I had my first Bon Jovi concert experience on the Slippery When Wet Tour in 1987 (again, Thank You Jersey Boy QB!), but then had a loooong concert drought until Crush came along in 2001.  I was caught up in the whirlwind that was my career, but always knew the Jovi Boys would be waiting for me with open arms when finally I made it back on the road with them.  That finally happened again with the HAND Tour in 2006, Lost Highway in 2008, and now The Circle.

And along the way the most amazing thing happened.  I discovered my Soul Sisters.

It happened in a most unexpected way.

So there I was, tooling around Google images looking for hot pics of the Dark One.  And up pops this little thumbnail of gorgeous Richie next to a gorgeous Hummer.  “OOOH”! I think, and click.  Next thing I know I’m drooling over this pic on some chick’s blog.  Then I notice the words surrounding it.  Above, some sort of title.  Below, prose.  So, I start reading.  And I keep reading, and reading, and reading… it was “The Rental,” by the one and only Goddess Hathor.  And thus I became one of The Devoted.

After "The Rental" I found more stories and more incredible writers.  Before long I knew I had to contact this Goddess to tell her how much I admired her and to share a few ideas I had bouncing around in my cop-info-stuffed brain.  Next thing I knew, this funny, sassy, sweet, generous, AMAZING Goddess had sucked me in.  And so I began to write.

Now Hath may be a Goddess, but it took her a good bit of encouragement to coax me out of hiding.  I am by nature and profession one who prefers to hide in the shadows.  I started writing my first Fan Fic in March 2009, with Hath reading my drafts and providing me feedback.  Finally in August 2009 I got drunk brave enough to set up a blog and post the first few chapters of "Stick To Your Guns" out on the worldwide web.  

What I didn't realize at the time of that first post was that there was a Fictionista Summit taking place, and Hath immediately told EVERYBODY about me.  I was COMPLETELY outed.  Next thing I knew, these incredible writers like TaraLeigh, Fiction Mistress, T, and Queenie were e-mailing ME.  It kinda blew my mind, but their kindness and cheerleading encouraged me to keep going.  So I did.  I met Kiwi and Willow along the way, and almost before I knew what was happening I had a whole new circle of friends.  

Soon I was drinking wine and refusing to eat oysters with Fiction Mistress, talking Eagles football with Willow, and finishing Hath's (dirty) thoughts for her.  There was a late-night rendezvous in a train station bar with TaraLeigh, Kiwi, and Queenie (complete with strange foreign men).  Somehow there was wildlife involved (Moose and Squirrel).  I endured the Sacred Fictionista Hazing Rituals at the Philly, Dallas, Hershey, and Meadowlands 3 shows (they involve late-night fast-food drive-thru raids).  Apparently I passed, because here I am, now a full-fledged Fictionista.

Ain't that COOL? 

So, what happens now?  Somehow over the past year my "personalities" have multiplied at an alarming rate. I finished "Guns" and am now working on 3 more Fan Fics with at least 7 more queued up in my brain.  I'm also honored to be working with Hath on her Fantastical Bon Jovi Circle Tour blog and am completely in awe of the fact that she knows Tony K.  *bows before the Goddess*  I'm also looking forward to many  more in-person encounters with these phenomenal women along the way.

Jon, Richie, Davey, Teek.... Thanks Guys.  Once again you've helped me find my way.  Hittin' the gas, there ain't no brakes....


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