I'll be there, too!!

I know, I know... it seems silly to say that I'll be at my own apartment for FF weekend with Hath, Catte, Queenie and TaraLeigh BUT there is a madness behind my method. 

You see, I am in the process of moving to Brooklyn to be closer to my new job and, at the moment, I have been commuting 5 hours a day to and from home. It's taking the life outta me and making for a seriously cranky Wils. So, when I say that I will be there too, it's because I will be home, in my house, which is in all sorts of disarray... but I will be there with 4 of the most awesome women I know.

We will finally crack open the $50 of Carmenère that I got as a birthday gift from a very good friend. It's called "Purple Angel" which has serious significance (but only a very few know why). It's been sitting on my counter taunting me for over a month now and I'll seriously ready to see the bottom of that bottle.

So, hell yes, there will be drinking.....

drunken texts and skype calls.

I'm sure there will be oot-bay-egg-lays


There will even be some serious Jovi/Soul tailgating

and Mayhem has been invited and has RSVPed.

The toilet gummies are in place and the animals are waiting to greet you all. It's gonna be an unforgettable weekend!! What is it that our favorite frontman always says? "So get your YouTubes ready folks....." PSYCHE! No way there will be video of this.... lol.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You girls have some serious fun this weekend, lord knows I have! 4 weeks til I hit NJ too!!

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