I'm comin', I'm comin'...

... I just left Penn Station in En-Why-See and FINALLY got my seat to myself so I could get the old LT out -- can't write porn with an audience.

Well, unless it's MAH GIRLS!

Wils, I'm on the way, and will call your darling daughter when I arrive in Philly. Then I will smother you with hugs (dear ones, not queer ones) when I see you, and shower love on your puppy and bunny (that is NOT dirty, people).

I have have this date circled in purple marker on my calendar for WEEKS! I've been SO looking forward to getting away for a few days with the Northeast Chapter of the JPM.

And while I won't have any of the wine (ewww) I will have a 'rita or two (or orange juice, lol) and wait most impatiently for Catte, Queenie and TaraLeigh to arrive.

Then, well, nobody's safe.

Well crap, it took way longer to type this paltry post than I thought -- we're now entering beautiful, scenic downtown Newark New Jersey.  I love a train crew with a sense of humor.

~ Hath

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  1. You aren't all that far behind me... I'll see you soon!!!

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