Are You Ready????

It's Finally HERE!!!!


In a mere 24 hours(ish)  there will be Four Fine Fictionistas Frenzying in Casa de Goddess.  This time it's me, TaraLeigh, Willow, and Hath.  Enough for a quorum.  Of course, the other Fictionistas will be here in spirit (and via text, Twitter, and email I'm sure).  I think there might be some sort of cosmic/Karmic prohibition on ALL of the Fictionistas being together in the same place at the same time.  Could cause some catastrophic cosmic shift or something.  Could you imagine?

And come Sunday morning... well, watch your Twitter accounts, folks.  There are bound to be pictures. (Muah-ah-AH!)  Tailgate breakfast in the parking lot (LOT E????) of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass, Baby!  Then the Big Game -- Ravens-Pats.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

Yours truly, being a Marylander, will of COURSE be sporting Ravens purple.  I know the locals will understand.  I hear New England fans are polite and gentle.  And since I can hold my own with the Finest of Philly Fans.... >:)  Don't worry, though.  I'll still be dancing and singing along to This Is Our House.  Hope we hear it a lot.  Just hope the Ravens score a wee bit MORE.

My bags are packed, booze is loaded in the car, got the Wonder Woman tote bag all filled up with goodies and necessities (including the Wonder Woman notebook), ready to head north, Baby!  First stop, overnight in Jersey with Miz Willow, then the JoviMobile heads north to Bahstin at sunup.  ROAD TRIP!

Oh, and Jonny -- if you happen to be up in that pretty luxury box with the Kraft Family, just look for the sassy redhead in the Ravens Jersey.  I'll meet you anywhere you want....  :P

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