November in Boston...

... HOORAY! Willow just emaied me her itinerary for a weekend in November. She's coming up to watch my beloved New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins. She'll also have the joy of getting up at oh-dark-thirty and driving 45 minutes to watch the Hathlet play hockey :)

Sadly, lil Jersey (her poochie) can't make it this trip, but my Hathlet is SO excited to meet Willow!!!

She arrives Friday night and we'll have dinner at my friend's BBQ restaurant (the one I talk about in a lot of my stories; it's really real!!) and hopefully take in some good blues. They don't have their November bands up yet, but James Montgomery has been known to drop by, as has US Sam, Short'y Billups, and others who will blow you away.

I can't wait!!!! We have ALL day Saturday to hang out and do stuff (or nothing at all) so if anyone's around the Boston area, we can see what we can do :)

Sunday will be busy, busy, busy....

  • 5:00 *ugh* Alarm goes off; we may as well NOT go to bed on Saturday lol

  • 6:10 AM face off

  • 8:00 arrive back at Casa deHath and pack Mr. Hath's truck for Da Game (Darlin' is too small for all our gear!!)

  • 9:30 Arrive at the parking lot (they don't open until 9, so we can't get there too early...)

  • 12:30 Head for our seats

  • 1:00 kickoff!!!

  • 1:05 Listen to Bon Jovi's "This Is Our House" as (insert player here) scores the first Patriots TD of the game)

  • etc. etc. etc.

Willow's flight is late Sunday night, so we'll swing by the house after the game lets out, grab her gear, switch to Darlin', and off to the airport.

Monday morning, we'll both be wrecks.

But OH will it have been worth it!!!

Have I said it already? I can't wait!

~ Hath

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