My Bio:

  • Bon Jovi Fan since SWW
  • Writer since 14
  • FF writer since 14 *blush*
  • Professional aspirations - since 2008
  • My FF site
These are only the high points of the writer half of me. The fan and the fictionista phenomenon started when a few like-minded girls took a chance on a long weekend at a swanky beach house hoping that a face to face would be just as amazing as the online chemistry.

Reality was better than we could have hoped for. Laughter, ootbay-egglays, wine, peach schnapps, a by-the-sea Italian restaurant, and the most amazing view of Long Beach Island's surf from the porch made for one amazing weekend. 

Add in a budding relationship with a certain 'gun' specialist and a Kiwi and we've got quite the crew. 

I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. 

Okay, maybe for HRH.



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